CSS design award nomination

posted on 30/06/2014
by admin

We received a nomination for a CSS Design Award WOTD (website of the day). CSSDA nominations are only provided to websites that demonstrate very high levels of creativity, programming and overall design competence.  CSSDA provided us with our own nominee page complete with a score from the CSSDA judges. We received a judge score of 7.8 for creativity and design, a 7.8 for code and functionality and a 7.8 for usability and content.

Here is the link to our specific nomination page:

CSSDA: “We wish you luck toward winning WOTD (website of the day) and regardless of whether you win or not, your site is now eligible for People’s Choice WOTY (website of the year). This means you can promote your nomination page in order to receive reviews and viewer’s points over the coming year”

So please vote for us! Thanks 😀