Article about Media599 and our CEO Wouter Meeuwisse

posted on 29/01/2015
by admin

Media599 is a digital agency based on Curaçao with clients from all over the world. This company focuses on web design and development and frequently collaborates with Dutch agencies. Through their partners, Media599 conducts business with brands such as KPN, Eneco, AD, Carbonell and Sanex.

Adformatie recently interviewed Media599’s creative director Wouter Meeuwisse on what his company does and how he got his start in the business. Read all about how this business operates and why he chooses to work on the island Curaçao.

I started working on Curaçao about 7 years ago because the economy in the Netherlands went downhill. Given that I had worked here when I was about 18, the choice was already made. Since my mother was born on Curaçao it was a natural transition for me. When I moved here, I was offered a job relatively quickly at a media agency and since most of the work came from my leads, I figured that I could do this myself.

The work that our agency does is twofold and this is a conscious decision.  In the Netherlands we are mainly an executive office for our Dutch clients and on Curaçao we are a creative digital agency, which means that everything including the design for clients is handled. Our agency focuses on web design as well as working with WordPress, but we also develop Facebook promotions and have recently started developing apps. This is how we were able to develop the Top2000 app for NPO2 radio in collaboration with Van Ons for Beeld en Geluid; this app is driven with iBeacons which is new technology.

Before Media599 started, I did my internship at NR6, where I have also worked for a while. When I moved to Curaçao I continued to do a few projects for them. It was then that I realized that you really have to be present during the creative process. This is why I have decided not to do design work for my Dutch clients, but rather focus on front-end and back-end development.

The perks of being a client on Curaçao are that you will be offered a long term commitment and ongoing service. But for our clients in the Netherlands we have to keep to strict deadlines. We frequently collaborate with Dutch agencies such as NR6, Lemoncake and Social Inc. and we have come to the agreement that we are always allowed to promote and expose our work.

Besides our clients from the Netherlands we have received projects from Asia, Australia and Latin America. Our agency recently received an enquiry from Shanghai. Through the knowledge that we attain from Dutch clients, we can always apply new technology and trends on Curaçao, this strengthens our market share.

At the moment I am working with a team consisting of eight people; five at the office, three who work from home and a few freelancers. I wouldn’t consider moving back to the Netherlands, because I can’t just leave the people I work with behind. Besides this, the dynamics would be completely different in the Netherlands, because we would suddenly become our partners’ competition. It really is our USP that clients receive Dutch quality for Antillean rates; we namely are more affordable. What I would consider is moving to another beautiful country, for example Spain, to make our brand more well-known.

Translated and modified from the article Je krijgt bij ons Nederlandse kwaliteit voor Antilliaanse tarieven by Annick van Dijk for Adformatie: