What is a beacon

posted on 08/08/2014
by admin

Beacons are hot and we know it! Media599 recently start developing its own beacon management system and we’re already integrating our new service.

iBeacons allow indoor & outdoor positioning, letting your phone know that you are in range of a beacon. This can have many solutions: from helping you to find your car in a parking garage, guide you in a city, through coupons and location-aware special offers in retail, to a whole lot of apps that we can’t imagine right now.

There are many posts about what iBeacons are and what can be done with them, but from a technical perspective, how do they work? The underlying technology is Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth low energy) which is part of the new Bluetooth 4.0 specification.

Newer smartphones (iPhone 4S+, SG3+), laptops, tablets, are all equipped with full Bluetooth 4.0 and hence “Smart Ready”. Beacons only support the low energy protocols (which allows them to work on a single battery for a really long time). Older devices, like peripherals, car systems, older phones usually support only the classic Bluetooth protocol.

We’re currently testing 3 different types of beacons (, Gimbal and Estimote) to make sure we offer our clients the best out there. Average price for each beacon is 20$. Contact us if you want to learn more about our service and beacon CMS.

If you want to learn more about beacons and what they can do for you business. Feel free to contact us, we have a demo application up and running at our office and look forward to show you. There’s a solution for every kind of business.