ibeacon apps developed in curacao

posted on 27/03/2015
by admin

The beacon technology is especially recognized in the retail industry.

Around the cash registers at the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam beacons are installed that are used in a special customer program.  Apple uses this technology under the name iBeacon.

Beacons are small transmitters that continuously emit radio signals that can communicate via Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) with iOS and Android devices. With a range of 50 meters the beacons accurately determine the location of the devices to the centimeter.

Beacons are the perfect way of bringing the online and offline world together in one experience, given that the exact location and behavioral actions or measurements can be linked, stated Bas van der Lans of Amsterdam project agency Van Ons.

His agency partnered up with Media599 to develop an interactive app with the use of ibeacon technology to entertain visitors who are waiting in line at the popular Top 2000 café for the Dutch institute Beeld en Geluid.

By placing the transmitters at different locations the people waiting in line received a new question on their smart phone’s display every few meters. People, who frequently visited the café, were presented with new questions given that the system recognizes the users.

Media599 is the technical party of this app and has created and is developing several other ibeacon apps, such as: top2000,  Stampwallet, and Bob Autowas.

Media599 and vanOns are currently busy with the development of an app for the petting zoo, where beacons will be ear tagged to alpacas. When children are near such an animal, they will receive on screen information such as the name and age of that particular alpaca.

Stampions is a project that adds a game element to museum visitation by means of technology, created by two Amsterdam entrepreneurs.

Museums and monuments hide physical stamps that allow visitors to trace them by means of an associated app. Within the stamp resides a beacon that allows visitors to receive a digital image of the location.

Furthermore, beacons can send entry tickets to someone’s smartphone; this can either be in digital or physical form, this is how visitors of a few British cafes receive access to digital magazines on their tablets. This digital content will be blocked as soon as they leave the premises.

On Curacao the application Stampwallet is in testing phase; in this app there are stamp cards of all participating stores. There is a beacon situated at the cash register that emits a unique code. When the client opens the app, the appropriate stamp card appears in the app. This technology replaces the conventional stamp cards which improves the use of loyalty cards.

With the help of this ibeacon technology, Bob’s Carwash franchise hopes to increase the number of customer card holders. The waspas is integrated within the app, allowing for the app to automatically open once the wash route has started.

Clients will receive their personal tour through the use of beacons that are strategically placed throughout the wash path. In the future it will be possible to alter the color of the lighting within the wash path.

Media599 is connected to all above named apps and has signed a couple of great contract for several ibeacon apps that will launch in the near future. We’ll keep you posted!