First Beacon Lab in the Caribbean

posted on 16/10/2014
by admin

Media599 started development for ibeacons in may 2014. We’re now the proud owner of a beacon CMS and whitelabel application working with different brands of beacons. Not ready for the big crowd yet, but ready to use our solutions for our customers.

Connecting the digital world with physical experiences

We use beacons to help deliver content and experiences based on proximity from the digtal world to physical experiences

What is a beacon?

A beacon is a low-powered & low energy bluetooth transmitter for indoor and outdoor use. The technology enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity (range) of a beacon.

How does it work?

A beacon uses bluetooth low energy proximity to transmit a universally unique id picked up by a compatible app or operating system. With this ID we can trigger an action on a device based on the position of the user.

We transfer the world around us

See how our platform can transform the way you do business or deliver information to your users:

Retail: Create next generation retail experiences that drive results. Increase store traffic by delivering notifications, influence in-store conversion by delivering targeted offers, enhance in-store experience by ginving more product details

Events: Create truly unique and engaging event experiences. Deliver electronic tickets and welcome messages as people arrive at your event. Use beacons to provide directions to event locations, features or seating. manage your guest list and get advanced attendee analytics such as visits, visit duration and event hot spots.

Tourism: Transform how tourists experience & engage with a destination. Offer mobile-guided discovery tours and tourism information based on a person’s exact location. Augment key tourism destinations and landmarks with additional media such as video and images. Drive traffic to tourism businesses and operators by delivering special offers and deals


Get valuable information about your users like you never had before. We can report almost everything:

  • hotpots: check most popular locations
  • routing of visitors / users
  • time tables (login time, connection time, popular time)
  • personal information for all reports above (gender, age, names, interests)

How can this be useful for your business?

Visit our office or call +59995632233. We have a beacon lab to test our solutions with you. Feel free to drop by!